Board maintains one dispensary. Health facilities are being provided to Cantt. residents such as ECG, Lab tests and ambulance etc. The service of eye specialist is also being provided on visit basis in the Cantt. Board Dispensary. Periodic health checkup facility are being provided to senior citizens, Cantt. Board employees and school children. Board maintains one Drug De- Addiction Centre with the help of one Psychiatrist and counsellor on visit basis, wherein only outdoor patients involved in drug abuse are being treated and provided with medicines.


  • 9.30 AM To 1.30 PM
  • 2.00 PM To 4.00 PM
  • Emergency cases are treated round the clock.


  • R.M.O. Tel. No. 266178


Hospital and dispensaries

The Board maintains one dispensary. During the year 1748 outdoor patients were diagnosed. System of annual medical calendar continued, Pathology services provided and other medical equipments purchased.

Special measure taken for senior citizen

The Cantt. Board dispensary prepared health cards for senior citizen, staff and students of school. Senior citizens are being provided free medicines, lab facilities, lab tests as well as ECG etc.

Progress on

(a) Kishori Clinic

Awareness programme, lectures are organized by the RMO and counsellor.

 (b) Janani Suraksha Yojna

Presently State Govt has extended Janani Suraksha Yojna to Cantonment limits under NHM. The funds have been allotted to the Cantonment Board Dispensary.

 (c) HIV Testing facilities

Such facility is not available at present.

(d) Mobile Dispensary

There is no mobile dispensary. Dispensary located in heart of the civil area.

(e) Special Medical Camps

01 special medical camp has been organised in Cantonment Board Dispensary.

(f) Other Initiative

Drug De-addiction centre in Cantt. Board Dispensary is giving fruitful results. The O.P.D. has been a great success wherein more than 44 addicts have been treated. Ambulance service is being provided. Yoga day and Environmental Day were also celebrated during the year.

Health care measures for Cantonment Board employees and their dependents

Health diaries prepared for Cantonment Board employees and their dependent for providing free treatment to them.