Civil Roads

The total length of the roads under the management of  Cantt Board is 9.90 km, out of which 5.7km are paved /tiles roads, pedestrain path and bazar lane.

Table below shows the details of the roads existing in cantonment area under the management of Cantt Board Dagshai.

SlNo.Road TypeLength (In km)
1 B.T.Road 4.2
2 Stone Paved /Cement Concrete 5.70
Total 9.90

Key Issues and Concerns

  • The bituminous carpeted road is required to be widened.
  • Cement concrete paths to be converted into paver/chequered tiles.
  • Dry stone paved paths/roads to be re-laid.
  • Majority of roads don’t have reflectors to ease night driving


  • Developing road side parking areas ,wherever possible.
  • High quality bituminous roads.
  • Beautification of roads (side pavers)
  • Installation of reflectors on all motor able roads to ease night driving.
  • Widening of roads wherever possible to facilitate two way traffic